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Itraconazole 1% Nasal Spray

Itraconazole 1% Nasal Spray

1% nasal spray or Itraconazole nasal solution for atomization or nasal rinse

Itraconazole is a powerful triazole antifungal agent often affiliated with the treatment of a range of fungal infections including chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS). Itraconazole works by hindering the formation of the fungal cell membrane. Itraconazole can be compounded into a nasal spray, solution for atomization, or solution for nasal rinse to target fungal infections within the sinus cavity. Itraconazole is an important component in the combination nasal spray BEG-I, commonly used in the treatment of the highly resistant staph infection MARCoNS.

Options For Itraconazole 1% Nasal Spray

Itraconazole and EDTA:

EDTA is a powerful chelating agent known for its ability to disrupt biofilm. As a two-part treatment method for sinus fungal infections, atomized EDTA is used first to clear the bacteria-harboring biofilm in order to allow antifungal Itraconazole to target the infection. In the second phase of the treatment, Itraconazole nasal spray, rinse, or atomizer works to eradicate the fungal pathogens within nasal passages.

Nasal Spray:

The nasal spray treatment method consists of Itraconazole solution compounded into a nasal spray bottle to deliver the medication into the sinuses.


The atomizer method of delivery involves an electronic Rhino Clear atomizer device that dispenses Itraconazole solution as a fine mist into the sinus passages. Rhino Clear electronic atomizer can be included in your order of Itraconazole with a prescription from your prescriber.

Nasal Solution Rinse:

This treatment method combines Itraconazole solution with a saline solution in a rinse bottle to be used to flush the nasal cavity.

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