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Pure Cholestyramine Resin

Pure Cholestyramine Resin (CSM)

According to mold and biotoxin expert Dr. Shoemaker, pure cholestyramine resin (CSM) is a binder that can be used to treat biotoxin illnesses related to mold exposure such as chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) and Lyme disease. Cholestyramine is traditionally used to lower cholesterol in the blood when coupled with a proper diet. According to Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, cholestyramine works by tightly binding itself to toxic substances in the small intestine without being absorbed by your body, thus preventing any reabsorption of the acquired biotoxin. Most physicians prefer pure cholestyramine resin (CSM), free of fillers and/or additives, for the treatment of biotoxin-related illnesses as mold tends to feed off of sugars. At Forte Rx Compounding Pharmacy, we provide compounded cholestyramine in its 100% pure resin form for the lowest price from the most trusted suppliers.

Forte Rx Compounding Pharmacy is the prescribers’ and patients’ most trusted source for 100% pure cholestyramine resin (CSM) powder. We prioritize the quality of our ingredients and ensure each product we source undergoes multiple rounds of inspections and testing from our suppliers. In addition, all of our suppliers provide us with valid Certificates of Analysis for every material we source to guarantee its quality and purity.

It is very important to ensure your pure cholestyramine resin (CSM) is from a reputable source. We focus on high-quality medications and our patients’ safety remains our number one priority. We select our wholesalers and suppliers from the best in the nation.

Prescribers and patients prefer pure cholestyramine resin (CSM) free of any additives, and count on Forte Rx Compounding Pharmacy as the most reliable source for 100% pure cholestyramine resin (CSM) and other compounded medications.

Compounding Options
for Pure Cholestyramine (CSM) Resin


Pure Cholestyramine Resin (CSM) Powder

Cholestyramine powder is available in pure resin form for the treatment of biotoxin-related illnesses. Compounded CSM powder is free of chemicals and artificial colors that mold patients can have severe sensitivities to.

Dispensed in: 120 gm, 240 gm, 360 gm. and 480 gm.

Pure Cholestyramine Resin (CSM) 500mg Capsules

Cholestyramine resin is available in 500 mg capsules. We only use top grade capsule shells that do not include any dyes or additives.

Pure Cholestyramine Resin (CSM) Powder Mixed with Methylcellulose and/or Stevia

Methylcellulose is a plant-based fiber that adds to the palatability of the cholestyramine resin.
Stevia is an excellent natural alternative to sugar that is safe for mold patients to consume. Stevia extract is derived from the dried leaves of the stevia plant.

Please contact our clinical department today at (805) 427-9053 and ask to speak with one of our expert mold, biotoxin illness, CIRS, and Lyme Disease clinical pharmacists about Pure Cholestyramine Resin (CSM)

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