Pure Cholestyramine Resin (CSM)

Pure Cholestyramine Resin (CSM)

Cholestyramine is used to lower cholesterol in the blood along with a proper diet. Pure Cholestyramine resin is also used in treating biotoxin illnesses as well as Lyme disease. Most physicians prefer pure CSM, free of fillers and/or additives. We are able to provide CSM in the pure resin form.

Forte Rx compounding pharmacy is prescribers’ and patients’ most trusted source for pure Cholestyramine resin powder (CSM).

Prescribers and patients prefer pure Cholestyramine resin (CSM) free of any additives, they count on Forte Rx as the most reliable source for Pure Resin CSM and other compounded medications. It is very important that you are getting your cholestyramine from a reputable source. We are focused on top quality medications and patients’ safety is always our number one priority. We choose our wholesalers and suppliers from the best in the market and are able to provide supplier information with a valid NDC number. Please call our clinical department today and ask to speak with one of our clinical pharmacists.

Pure Cholestyramine Resin Powder

Cholestyramine powder is available in its 100% pure resin form.
Dispensed in: 150 gm, 240 gm, 360 gm. and 480 gm.


Pure Cholestyramine Resin 500mg Capsules

Pure cholestyramine resin is available in 500mg gelatin capsules.

Cholestyramine Resin Powder
Mixed with Methylcellulose and Stevia

Methylcellulose is a source of fiber and adds to the palatability of the cholestyramine resin. Stevia comes from the dried leaves of the stevia plant. It is an excellent natural alternative to sugar. Our CSM powder contains no artificial colors or sweeteners.

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